Episode 17

What are actionable steps – with a big impact – that companies can take to be better workplace allies for women and other diverse populations?

Welcome to Episode 17 of Perspectives!

It’s International Women’s Day and we would love to celebrate with you!

In this month‘s episode, we collaborated with Women In Research (WIRe) to bring together a panel of experts (both female AND male) to discuss the most important steps companies can take to improve the workplace for women and diverse populations. We asked our panel of research leaders; “What are actionable steps – with a big impact – that companies can take to be better workplace allies for women and other diverse populations?”

In this episode, we are championing IWD’s #BalanceforBetter theme as we strive to encourage organizations to take action and provide a wide range of opportunities and a fairer working environment for women and diverse populations.

Got a question you’d like us to ask our panel? Let us know by submitting your question via video here

Excerpts from the vlog

I think that it is the realization and acknowledgment of the people within your team that really has the biggest impact…@lauren__raby

I think it’s also not just about what we do in business, but what we do more broadly in society. As we’ve heard before, we can’t be what we can’t see, we need to be able to see more diverse and empowered female roles, culturally accepted… @erica_dfirst

Gender balance is really essential for economies, for communities, and individuals to thrive, and International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political advancements of women…@kristinluck

I think what companies can do to be better allies for women and other diverse populations, is to stop asking the question about the previous salary in hiring practices…@Hamilton_alisa

I really think you have to measure your workforce, you need to know how many people there are, that are different genders and different types of diverse populations because if you measure it, you can then do something about it…@Fiona_MESH

In reference to market research, our entire industry is built around knowing the voice, thoughts and opinions of others. Our organizations need to be reflective of this as well. This includes our vendors, agencies and corporate research…@market_cube

The culture comes from the top of an organization, and people need to see different faces, they need to see that diversity is a reality and not just the vision. Ideally, there’d be an open chair and open role for which diversity could be made an essential component of the recruitment and selection process… @JDDeitch

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