Episode 16

What was the best presentation or key takeaway from an event this past year?

Welcome to Episode 16 of Perspectives!

2018 was a great year for Market Research events! The past year, our industry gathered to highlight new developments in MR technology and many influential experts shared their views looking to the horizon and new trends for 2019. So, for this latest episode, we asked our panel of research leaders; ‘What was the best presentation or key takeaway from an event this past year?

In this month‘s episode, our panel experts discussed the best presentations in 2018 and the key takeaways from conferences throughout the year.

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Excerpts from the vlog


A key takeaway that I still remember from last year was from Vanessa Oshima at Starbucks. We were at the Australia Market Research Conference, and her headliner was that the market research industry is about to have their Kodak moment…@zulk10

Alex Honnald and his experience of climbing El Capitan solo without any ropes. I think we all do a lot of fascinating stuff in research, but do we ever do things like that? I mean that’s extreme courage. That’s crazy. He had some fairly hairy moments… @winifredatwell

These are research agencies that are working with global not-for-profits, NGOs. Doing research in some of the most challenging areas of the world. So, working on projects that teach NFPs, for instance, how to make their communications more impactful through digital storytelling…@kristinluck

The best presentation for me last year really was a presentation that PMI gave at one of our events. It’s our first event in London at the Tate, and it was by Beth Goldreal, and what she talked about was how they adopted technology…@earle_babita

I think IIEX is fantastic in that it balances new versus traditional research, Sample Con is fantastic in the sense that it is much more communicative… @simavasa

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