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Leading Voices in Market Research

Baileigh Allen
Baileigh AllenZigZag Research
Baileigh is a seasoned market research executive with a successful track record solving unique and complex business challenges across a variety of industries and brands.
Pedro Almeida
Pedro AlmeidaMindProber
A specialist in Behavioral Sciences and Cognitive Neuroscience, working towards transferring knowledge from basic research to applied settings.
Fiona Blades
Fiona BladesMESH The Experience Agency
A former Planning Director who worked with major brands like Mercedes-Benz, she helps brands unlock growth potential with MESH’s Experience Driven Marketing approach.
Dean Browell
Dean BrowellFeedback
Digital ethnographer passionate about online behaviors, generational differences, and taking audience listening seriously.
Baillie Buchanan
Baillie BuchananResearch For Good
Baillie is an industry leader in delivering high-quality insights via respondent engagement, technology and an ethos of giving back.
Andy Buckley
Andy BuckleyJoin the Dots
Specialist in online communities and innovation
Dave Carruthers
Dave CarruthersVoxpopme
An entrepreneur with a track record in developing high growth technology businesses. Over 10 years experience in developing technology businesses. A unique understanding of the market from both a technical and commercial perspective.
Johnny Caldwell
Johnny CaldwellNetquest UK
Johnny is a seasoned market researcher turned digital business strategist and serial entrepreneur, he is Managing Director for global online access panel and clickstream behavioural measurement company Netquest.
Adrianne Carter
Adrianne CarterD-Coded
An expert in understanding emotions from the Face – The Face Whisperer!
Rachna Chopra
Rachna ChopraSouth Asian Insights
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rachna Chopra is a seasoned. multicultural research investigator, noted for driving innovation and developing competitive branding.
Oliver Conner
Oliver ConnerCoin Research
Cultural researcher, digital junkie and keen storyteller.
Lucy Davison
Lucy DavisonKeen as Mustard
Experienced b2b marketer with 30 year track record of creativity and results.
Babita Earle
Babita EarleZappistore
High energy, commercially minded, consumer insights leader, with over 19 years’ experience in the Market Research and Technology Industry
Nick Fisher
Nick FisherHook Research
An expert at qualitative research, particularly in the areas of media and emerging technology.
Caroline Florence
Caroline FlorenceInsight Narrator
Delivers training, coaching and consultancy services to client-side teams and agencies in the research and data industry.
Dan Foreman
Dan ForemanZappiStore
The most connected man in the world of market research.
Saleem Ghumran
Saleem GhumranVocal Views
A strong communicator who is resourceful, meticulous and client service orientated.
Paul Griffiths
Paul Griffiths Client Advocates
A consultancy for the research and insight industry, Paul founded Client Advocates to provide evidence-based commercial advice to research agencies and brands, to help them improve their growth and profitability.
Ben Grill
Ben GrillThe Insights Grill
A Sydney-based consumer insights practice focusing on brand strategy, new product development and media behaviours.
Nick Hague
Nick HagueB2B International
Nick lives and breathes B2B having founded and run B2B International for the last 20 years.  His passion is CX and branding research.
Liz Harrison
Liz HarrisonHarrison Insight
Helping clients harness the power of consumer understanding to drive businesses forward.
Sinead Hasson
Sinead HassonHasson Associates
Sinead has been recruiting for the research & insights sector since 1996! She has been providing guidance to researchers and businesses alike on attracting and retaining talent for the sector.
Victoria Hedley
Victoria HedleyVoxpopme
Business management and strategy specialist with a passion for people and innovation.
Ben Hogg
Ben HoggLucid, LLC
Working with a wonderful and talented team to help our customers to utilise our technology to free them up to do what they do best – bring meaningful change to their clients.
Paul Hudson
Paul HudsonFlexMR
An expert in online and mobile research.
Mike Jeanes
Mike JeanesSynergy Research and Consulting
Providing insight-driven solutions that help brands build audiences and make money!
Roddy Knowles
Roddy KnowlesResearch Now
Social scientist turned market researcher, mobile research evangelist, champion of innovation, wearer of many hats.
Kerry Hecht Labsuirs
Kerry Hecht LabsuirsEcho Qualitative Project Support
Specializes in helping brands and agencies achieve success with their qualitative research.
Nikki Lavoie
Nikki LavoieMindSpark Research International
American in Paris who is passionate about people, insatiably curious, has a love for learning and a talent for turning it all into insight.
Kristin Luck
Kristin LuckLuck Collective
Serial research tech entrepreneur turned growth strategy Ninja (more connected than Dan Foreman in the world of market research)
Dean Macko
Dean MackoVoxpopme
Renee Murphy, Research Subject Matter Expert at The Garage Group
Renee Murphy
Renee MurphyResearch Subject Matter Expert
Renee Murphy, Research Subject Matter Expert at The Garage Group
François Pétavy
François PétavyeYeka
François has 20-year experience across e-commerce (eBay), digital marketing (AGENCY.COM), and content (Ubi Soft). He holds an MBA from INSEAD.
Annie Pettit
Annie PettitMarket Research Trainer and Advisor
Market and social research methodologist experienced in data quality of questionnaires, research panels, sampling, and social media research, and keen for the market research industry to further evolve into disruptive techniques.
Finn Raben
Finn RabenESOMAR
The global voice of the data, research and insights community.
Mark Ratcliff
Mark RatcliffMurmur Research
Experienced qualitative researcher, strategist and music producer.
Nick Ross
Nick RossFiltered Media
Journalist, publisher and now SEO-focused Content Marketer.
Siamack Salari
Siamack SalariEthOS
Global expert in ethnographic and customer journey research.
 Robin Shuker
Robin ShukerField Agent UK
Passionate about the new levels of insight that can be achieved in today’s switched on, connected mobile, digital world.
James Turner
James Turnerdelineate
James Turner, better known as JT, is an Insights and Analytics business leader with almost 20 years’ experience both agency and client-side.
Sima Vasa
Sima VasaInfinity Squared Ventures
A serial entrepreneur with a proven success record in starting and growing
Rick West
Rick WestField Agent
Rick launched the crowdsourced mobile insights space in the “pre selfie” era and is an advocate for mobile technology that focuses on capturing observation, experiential and opinion data.

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